Reading Text Messages on the Badge Display

To read text messages on the badge display, perform the following tasks:

  1. Hold the badge so that the display screen is visible.
  2. Press the Select button once to see the Messages icon.
  3. Press the Select button to display a list of message subjects, one subject per line. On a B3000n or B3000 badge, the subject line for only one message is displayed at a time. The newest messages are listed first.

    If the message was sent from an email account, the subject line displays the first 12 or 13 characters of the message.

  4. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the list of messages until you see the message you want to read.
  5. Press the Select button to view the selected message.

    The badge displays the body of the message, the name of the sender or email address, and the date and time the message was received by the Vocera server. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the message, if necessary.

    Note: If a text message appears to be incomplete, someone may have sent you an email message longer than the character limit for your device.
  6. Press the Select button to see the following menu of message options, when you finish reading the message:
    • PLAY—Uses text-to-speech generation to speak the message for you.

    • TO NEXT MSG—Skips to the next message in the list.

    • DELETE MSG—Erases the message from the badge memory and the Vocera server.

    • SAVE MSG—Saves the message and prevents it from being automatically deleted. You are limited to 20 text messages at a time, and you can save up to 10 of these messages.

    • UNSAVE MSG—Allows the message to be deleted automatically.

    • BACK TO LIST—Returns to the list of text messages, where you can select another message.

    • EXIT MENU—Returns to the main screen.

      Note: You can discontinue reading messages and return to the main screen at any time by pressing and holding the Select button until the badge beeps.

    To read the most recent text message quickly on a badge press the Select button three times.