Adjusting the Volume in the Idle State

You can adjust the volume of the badge when you are not using the badge or when the badge is in the standby state.

To adjust the volume, perform the following steps:
  1. Hold the badge, and orient it so that you can read the screen.
  2. Press the Select button to see the menu, and then press the Up button until you see the Settings icon.
  3. Press the Select button to choose the Settings menu.
  4. Press the Select button again to choose the Volume menu.

    The display prompts you to select one of the following modes:

    • Speaker
    • Headset
    • Privacy
  5. Press the Up or Down buttons to move the highlight.
  6. Press the Select button to set the volume for the specified mode.
  7. Press one of the following:
    • Up button as many times as necessary to increase the volume to the level you prefer.
    • Down button to decrease the volume.

      The display changes accordingly.

  8. Press the Select button to set the new volume level and return to the main screen.