Sending Text Messages from an Email Account

You can send text messages to Vocera devices from an email account.

You will need to get some information from your Vocera Administrator.
  • The user ID of a Vocera user.

    For example: jbatista

  • The name of a group; If the group is in the global site, you need only the group name.

    For example: I C U Nurses

  • The name of a group and its site; If the group is in any site other than Global, specify the group name in brackets, followed by the site name in braces.

    For example: [I C U Nurses] {West Wing} or [Trauma Team A] (Site A)

    With Vocera 4.3 (or later), you can send an urgent text message using email. To send an urgent message, include the string **urgent** anywhere in the subject, and specify the ID of a Vocera user or a group name in brackets. If the user or group is not in the Global site, also specify the site in braces. For example:

    [jbatista] **urgent**

    [I C U Nurses] {West Wing} **urgent**

To send a message, perform the following steps:

  1. Start a new message, in your email program.
  2. Enter the email address of the Vocera system, in the To field.
  3. Specify the message recipient using one of the following formats, in the Subject field:
  4. Type your message, in the message area.

    Be brief, because the message will be limited to 223 characters on badges or smartphones. Additional characters will not be displayed.

    Note: When the recipient views the list of text messages, the entry for an email displays the first thirteen characters of the message.

    Ensure the email message is formatted as plain text; HTML and RTF formats are not supported.

  5. Click Send.