Text Messages Sent from the User Console

You can send messages from the User Console to a user or a group.

If you send the message to a group, all members of the group receive the message. Recipients can read these short messages on their Vocera device displays.

Your Vocera Administrator can control whether text messages sent to groups are delivered to users who are offsite when the message is sent. If the group is in the Global site, or if any users from the group are members of the Global site, messages will always be received, regardless of the setting.

For example, A user in a Code Blue group for site A is working in site B. If a message is sent to the Code Blue group for Site A, the user working in Site B should not receive the message, unless that user belongs to site Global. The reasoning is that if a user is not on-site, the message would be irrelevant.

The User Console is a Vocera utility that runs in a web browser. For a summary of the User Console refer to Vocera User Console Guide for a complete description of its features. Not all organizations allow access to the User Console.