Types of Access to the Genie

When you use a phone to call the Vocera hunt number for a site, there are two types of access:

The following table describes the access types:

Access Type Call this Hunt Group Number Description
Guest Access Guest Access number Callers can interact with the Genie to place a call. They are not identified to the called person and cannot issue voice commands. This type of access requires no additional configuration or user licenses, and it is the same type of access that existed prior to Vocera 4.1.
Direct Access Direct Access number (SIP or ISDN PRI only)


Guest Access number. Once connected, press the star (*) key to switch to direct access mode.

Once callers are authenticated, either by Caller ID or by name and password, they have full permission to access the Genie to issue Vocera commands. This type of access requires additional configuration and a Vocera Access Anywhere user license.