Navigating IVR Phone Trees with a Badge

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) tree is an automated system that gathers information and routes incoming telephone calls without human interaction.

These systems typically require you to use a combination of voice and keypad touch-tones to answer questions about the reason you are calling. You can respond to automated systems responses using your badge.

For example, many airlines require you to use an IVR tree if you call them for flight arrival and departure information. Such a tree may tell you to "Press 1 for arrivals or 2 for departures", then tell you to enter a flight number using the telephone keypad.

You can use the badge to navigate an IVR tree and enter touch-tone responses, even though it doesn't have a keypad. Any time you are using the badge in a call, clicking the Hold/DND button twice in rapid succession (double-clicking) places the badge in a special “touch-tone” mode, where you can speak the digits.

Note: The Vocera smartphone has a keypad that you can use to enter IVR responses.

You may say up to ten digits, letters, or special characters, as described in Possible Touch-Tone Responses. Say all responses one-at-a-time. For example, say “One Zero Zero,” not “One Hundred.”