Main Screen

The Main screen appears when you turn on the badge. This screen has a status message area with symbols that show you the wireless network signal strength, the battery charge level, whether you are in speakerphone or headset mode, and whether you have unread text messages or unplayed voice messages.

The following figure shows the B3000n and B3000 main screen:

The status message area may show one of the following alerts:
Status Message Description
Name—not blinking The name of the person who is logged in to the Vocera system using this badge.

The name of the caller is displayed when you receive a call. If you are already on a call, the name of the person with whom you are currently speaking is displayed. If you are already on a call and you hear the Call Waiting tone, the name of the person who is trying to call you is displayed.

If you are in a conference, the name of the conference is displayed. If you are receiving a broadcast, the name of the person broadcasting the message is displayed.

If you received a message, the name of the person who sent the message is displayed for 15 seconds.

Vocera The badge is communicating with the Genie.
Logged out No one is logged in with this badge.
Searching for Access Points or Off Network The badge is out of network range or is not able to connect with the network. If you are sure you are within range of your network, contact your system administrator.
Searching for Server The badge is within network range, but it is not communicating with the Vocera Server. For more information, refer to Why does my device display say "Searching for Server"?.
Authenticating The credentials of the badge are authenticated for network security.
Requesting IP Address The badge is requesting an IP address from the DHCP server.