B3000n and B3000 Badge

Changing the battery, calling the Genie, recording your name, and adjusting the volume is simple using your Vocera badge.

To change the battery perform the following tasks:
  1. Charge the battery, if necessary.

    New batteries must be charged before use. If the badge has already been used by someone else, check the battery level indicator on the badge display to ensure the battery has sufficient power.

    For more information on other ways to determine whether the battery needs to be charged and for instructions on how to charge the battery, refer to Maintaining Your Badge.

  2. Install the battery by sliding the pegs at the top of the battery into the two holes in the battery compartment of the badge, and then pressing down gently on the latch to seat the battery.

    The badge begins a startup sequence. Wait until the badge display reads Logged Out or shows the name of a user.

  3. Choose the lanyard or universal clip attachment, and connect it to the badge.

    You also can connect the lanyard or clip to the badge before installing the battery.

  4. Put the badge on, and ensure it is in the proper position.

    For optimal speech recognition, the top of the badge should be approximately 6 inches (15 centimeters) from your chin. Any sound coming from another direction or beyond that distance is reduced or eliminated by the noise canceling microphones.

  5. Log in: Press the Call button and wait for the Genie to answer.
    • If the Genie asks for your name, say your first and last names.

    • If the Genie answers by saying "Vocera" or by playing a tone, another user may already be logged in. If so, say "Log me out," wait for the chime, and then press the Call button again to log in.

  6. Record your name: Press the Call button, wait for the Genie to answer, and then say "Record my name."

    The Genie will prompt you to record your name. If you do not record your name, the Vocera system uses speech synthesis to say your name.

  7. Adjust the volume on the badge, if necessary. For more information, refer to Adjusting the Volume.