Wired Headset Cleaning

Vocera wired headsets used with the Vocera B3000n Badge and Vocera V5000 Smartbadge contain different resins to those in the Badge and Smartbadge.

The wired headsets must be cleaned with the following cleaning agents:

Commercial cleaning agents listed by Vocera may be used to clean wired headsets if the hospital cleaning and infection guidelines require its use. However, the cleaning agents will cause some visible or functional damage over time.

Ultra Violet cleaning using UV-C light is also an acceptable method of cleaning wired headsets. If wired headsets are worn in conjunction with personal protective equipment (PPE), there are concerns that the wire may be exposed between items of PPE. Vocera recommends that you wrap the wire with a contact film (plastic wrap) that can be discarded when the wired headset is removed.

For wired headsets that are not supplied by Vocera, please refer to the guidelines for cleaning provided by the manufacturer.