Speech Zone for B3000 Badge

The specific orientation of the badge affects speech recognition in B3000 badge.

B3000 badges introduced a series of microphones which facilitate the elimination of the background noise and improves speech recognition. For more information, refer to Integrated Noise Cancellation for B3000 badge.

However, with the introduction of the muti-array microphones, a designated speech zone was identified and needed for optimal speech recognition. The speech zone is the region in which audio can be detected with the greatest efficiency.

The following examples illustrate microphone sensitivity of the B3000 badge and show the speech zone in the shaded cone area above the badge. These figures display the front and side views of someone wearing the badge using a universal clip (above) and a lanyard (below) followed by an example of badge use outside of the speech zone shown in the shaded circle.

Note: For optimal speech recognition, the badge should be located about 6 inches below the chin illustrated by darker shading inside the speech zone cone.

If the badge is tilted towards the face or removed from the speech zone, the Genie may not be able to understand your commands and vocalizations clearly.