Accessing Supported Adapters

Supported adapters that are not included in the solution Gold Image can be installed at a customer site.

Many Vocera Platform adapters are provided in the solution's Gold Image for installation during the customer implementation. Supported adapters that are not included in the solution Gold Image can be installed at a customer site using the instructions provided in the Installing an Adapter document.

This table contains a list of currently available Vocera Platform adapters. The adapter name is shown in the first column, and the name of the adapter's RPM package is in the second column. Use the last column to determine if a particular adapter is in the Gold image.

Adapter Name RPM Package Included in Gold Image
ascom-interface extension-ascom-interface Yes
data-update-interface extension-data-upate Yes
carescape-interface extension-carescape-interface No
cucm-interface extension-cucm-interface Yes
hill-rom-clinical-interface extension-hill-rom-clinical-interface Yes
hl7-interface extension-hl7-interface Yes
incoming-email-interface extension-incoming-email-interface Yes
ldap-interface extension-ldap-interface Yes
navicare-interface extension-navicare-interface No
nihon-kohden-interface extension-nihon-kohden-interface Yes
outgoing-email-interface extension-outgoing-email-interface Yes
data-export-interface extension-data-export-interface No
outgoing-wctp-interface extension-outgoing-wctp-interface No
responder-sync-interface extension-responder-sync-interface Yes
soap-publisher-interface extension-soap-publisher-interface Yes
soap-subscriber-interface extension-soap-subscriber-interface Yes
sotera-esii-interface extension-sotera-esii-interface Yes
spacelabs-cei-interface extension-spacelabs-cei-interface Yes
spectralink-interface extension-spectralink-interface Yes
staff-assignment-interface extension-staff-assignment-interface No
tap-interface extension-tap-interface Yes
xmpp-interface extension-xmpp-interface Yes