Understanding an Engage Amtelco Adapter Configuration

Configure an Engage Amtelco Adapter to enable communication with Engage Platform.

Adapters send information to and receive information from the Engage Platform, as well as monitor and collect data. Each adapter is configured to allow the Engage Platform to communicate with a specific type of resource and any devices that resource may control.

The Engage Amtelco Adapter provides a mechanism by which on-call schedule information in Amtelco can be stored in Engage Platform as assignments. This allows the information to be made available to end users of supported devices through other mechanisms.

This adapter translates each schedule entry in the Amtelco schedule into a (potentially future) assignment in Engage Platform. The Engage Assignment Manager Adapter is then used to mark those assignments as active (current) and expired. The Engage Assignment Group Sync Adapter is then used to synchronize the active assignments with an Engage Platform group based on the assignment role and location. If needed for VCS or badge integration, the Engage Voice Group Sync Adapter is then used to synchronize those groups with Vocera Voice Server groups.

This diagram shows how the Engage Amtelco Adapter fits within the Vocera appliance and the hospital environment.