Integrating Amtelco with Engage Platform

Engage Amtelco Adapter, along with other Engage components, are used to allow hospital staff to contact the on-call provider for a particular speciality from the various Vocera endpoints, especially Engage Mobile, VCS, and the Vocera badges.

Amtelco is a physician scheduling application used for, among other things, scheduling on-call physicians for hospitals. Key points in configuring the Engage Platform to allow user's to contact the current on-call specialists as scheduled via Amtelco are listed here, and the details follow below:

Process Overview

An Amtelco integration plan calls for each speciality to have a single Engage group representing the currently on-call specialist(s). These groups would then be part of the Engage Mobile roster to allow contact to the specialists via Engage Mobile. For VCS and the badges, these groups would also be synchronized with Vocera Voice Server groups, which would enable users to contact the specialist via the app/device.

To make this work, the Engage Amtelco Adapter translates each schedule entry in the Amtelco schedule into a (potentially future) assignment in Engage Platform. The Engage Assignment Manager Adapter is then used to mark those assignments as active (current) and expired. Engage Voice Group Sync Adapter is used to then synchronize the active assignments with an Engage Platform group based on the assignment role and location and then (if needed for VCS or badge integration), Engage Voice Group Sync Adapter is used to synchronize those groups with Vocera Voice Server groups.

This document describes the Amtelco and the Engage Amtelco Adapter part of the overall process. Engage Assignment Manager Adapter, Engage Assignment Group Sync Adapter, and Engage Voice Group Sync Adapter configuration is described in Care Team Sync Integration. The configuration for those components will be similar to that used for assignment systems like Epic that report future assignments and specify an assignment start and end date. See Understanding Vocera Care Team Sync Integration for additional details.

Amtelco Overview

The normal process for using Amtelco within a hospital environment is to have multiple Amtelco schedules, each controlled by a different physician's group or similar organization, under the hospital's umbrella Amtelco environment. Schedule data is entered using the Amtelco Application. The Engage Amtelco Adapter retrieves schedule information from this web application.

Within a single schedule, there are shifts which include the following information:

Integration Considerations

This section describes two topics for consideration in integration:

Contact Identification

The Engage Amtelco Adapter is designed to provide an open ended mechanism for matching Amtelco contacts to Engage user records. The adapter configuration allows the Administrator to get the list of Amtelco Contact attributes and map any set of these attributes to the appropriate Engage User attributes.

In order to perform user matching, at a minimum first name and last name must be mapped to an Amtelco attribute. Additionally, if Amtelco provides a login, Engage can create and link to a user based on the login. Amtelco is not guaranteed to include such an attribute, in which case some configuration may have to be added to include the AD username as a new Contact field.

When a user has been matched or created, the user will have an identity linked to the Amtelco interface with the users ListID and the id of the interface which created it.

Schedule Naming

The schedule name and Role Name are the primary pieces of data used by the Engage Amtelco Adapter to identify the on-call speciality and location for each schedule entry. The adapter configuration provides a Schedule Mapping to link to an appropriate location for the schedule, and a Role Mapping per schedule which allows for mapping to the appropriate role for that location.

Engage Amtelco Adapter Configuration

The following considerations should be used in setting the primary configuration fields:

Contact Mappings

As mentioned above, the Engage Amtelco Adapter provides a mapping mechanism to map Amtelco attributes to Engage User attributes. In order to get the full list of Amtelco and user attributes, a valid URL and login must be configured, then press the Read Attributes in the adapter. For configuration details, see Configuring an Engage Amtelco Adapter.

Schedule Mappings

The primary purpose of schedule mappings is to determine the role and location of the created assignment. These in turn will be used by the Engage Assignment Group Sync Adapter to determine the Group mapping, so the correct mapping is necessary to ensure the currently on-call specialist gets added to the correct Group, and thus enable users to contact them.

The mappings map the schedule name and the shift name to the role and location using regular expressions and mappings for each. This provides a significant degree of mapping flexibility, so that for instance:

Currently there is no capability to, for example, take part of the role name and part of the schedule name in determining a single field such as the role name.

The following example matches all schedules, and maps the location and role from the full name of the Amtelco schedules and roles:

Note that the location and role values are relative to the assignment being created. At a minimum, the key values for the location and role must be specified:
It can also be useful to specify other data (especially in cases where the linked Role or Location does not exist before the first assignment to it is created.

In the example above, note the use of the "AMT:" prefix on the location id. This is to ensure that the location is only used by Amtelco-created assignments. This is because Amtelco-created assignments must not be used for delivery of Engage alerts, which in turn means that these locations should never be linked to any beds. Therefore, the mapping ensures that the location is "owned" by the adapter, so it is not used by other adapters and beds are not accidentally assigned to it.